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Setting Realistic Expectations

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Setting realistic expectations during the recovery process–and accepting what that reality means for recovery–particularly early recovery–can be a challenging and humbling experience. Many of us in recovery/recovered (interchangeable for me) were very used to setting or having set high expectations in our lives prior to recovery–and they were realistic in the sense that it was… Read more »

Workout Wednesdays–Breaking Down the Barriers in ED Recovery!

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While it is important to know why your eating disorder started, what can be even more important in eating disorder recovery is what are the factors that are maintaining the eating disorder? What beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are keeping you in the eating disorder? In Carolyn Costin and Gwen Grabb’s book, 8 Keys to… Read more »

Opening a Window of Opportunity

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Countless number of times when active in the eating disorder, I’d have a thought to use an eating disorder symptom and, before I knew it, I’d be standing in a grocery store buying binge food or find myself in a bathroom, unable to account for the time that lapsed between the thought of using the… Read more »

Eating Disorder Transitional Living…Bridging the Gap

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>In an article published on May 7th, the Kansas City Star announced the opening of Thalia House, a transitional living house for women recovering from eating disorders. Given that I grew up in KC, and also the place where my eating disorder came alive, I am so excited for Thalia House’s presence in the area…. Read more »

Natalie Portman and the Black Swan: A Perfect Performance of Insanity

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Natalie Portman in Black Swan

Recently I saw the movie Black Swan. Besides the buzz around it, because I’m a former professional dancer, in recovery for eating disorders, and a therapist, I thought it would be the perfect movie for me to see. Yes, there was a slue of self-destruction. Yes, it portrayed the perfection requisite to a ballet career…. Read more »